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Field Technician / Project Manager

  • Provide device validation and system commissioning

  • Provide complete network startup

  • Respond to basic warranty calls 

  • This position is responsible for controller software downloads

  • This position is responsible addressing and establishing a stable communication network .

  • This position is responsible in resolving installation issues discovered upon startup

  • This position is responsible for equipment startups and assisting in advanced startup and integration.

Expected Results
  • Providing complete and timely controller commissioning on projects

  • Provide complete documented checkout forms

Position Prerequisites
  • Must have graduated high school.  College preferred.

  • Basic Excel Experience

  • Basic Word Experience

  • Must have strong communication skills.

  • Extensive HVAC knowledge both blueprints and Specifications

  • Basic electrical  knowledge (Relays, Current switching, Low Voltage Skills) 

  • Previous building automation experience preferred 

  • Valid Driver’s License Required

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